At Rising Star, we believe in leading the people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by displaying genuine faith and sharing authentic love for God and mankind.  We also educate, equip and empower people to become mature functioning followers of Christ.

We will accomplish this vision by reaching out to people of all ages and developing them to  become Christian disciples through spirit-filled worship services, bible studies, special events and most importantly, through prayer, in order to effectively serve God and his people.

We provide Five S.T.A.R Service

  1. Serving God & His people.
  2. Teaching God's word.
  3. Applying God's word through discipleship.
  4. Relating to other in a Biblical Community.
  5. Spiritual living.

Prayer List

We ask that you lift the following individuals and families up in prayer.

Brenda Ellison, Charles Williams, Morgan Williams, Herman White, Laurene White, Yara Jackson, Clifford Horn, Alice Versa,    Frank Waller, Lovely and Family, EShaw Woods, Griffin Family, Verser Family, Hudson Family, Tracey Bowie, Casey Bowie,    Rose Bailey and Family, Tyara, Noah Jean Bell & Family,          Krystal Selders, John Douglas, Tyrone Barber and Family, CatherinEe Haor & Family, Pastor Dotson, RSBC Family