Spring Cleaning For Your Soul!!

It's time to spring clean!!  When you find yourself taking on this project of spring cleaning, it is seemingly time consuming.  Depending on how much space you have in your home, and how long you have been there, the more time it may take you. Remembering, both time and space being the two main contributors to how long this project will take.  There are some areas more dusty than others: closets that have items we have long forgotten about and then there are those items that we never used anyway. But once we start to pull out things from these closets we get ideas of what we can do with them today. Some “stuff” we can’t believe we actually bought or that we still have it,
and other things that we aren’t quite sure why we even kept them that long.  During this time of cleaning it brings back memories; good, bad, and the ugly. We start to remember what we were doing at that time and whether it was a joyous or trying time in our life. We also reflect on old friendships and relationships.

Are these individuals still in our lives, and how we have grown together or apart?  While filtering through these closets and compartments, we think about where the item came from, who gave it to us, and how did it get here. And then comes the decision of what to do with it, whether to salvage it and use it again, give it away, or leave it again but now in the newly cleaned space.

Think for a minute, you are that home that has many closets of dusty items forgotten about.   Some are never used gifts and talents.  There within lies both answered and unanswered prayers that have been stored up.  There are relationships that we have lost and gained along the way.  Ask yourself did they make you better, did they build you in character or make you bitter.  What did you learn from your experience, did you store it away and forget about it or did you take it and produce fruit?  God wants to do spring cleaning on our soul.  He wants us to invite Him in every area of our lives.


No one else knows about where we hide all of our dirty little secrets, however, that isexactly where God wants to begin the cleaning process.  Whether it is a bad attitude, fears, doubt, depression, a lack of self confidence or sexual immorality God wants to do the cleaning in our lives.  It could be something we struggle with in the spiritual or natural realm. How much time or how much space have we invested in these things.  Whatever the case, God knows all about it but He is waiting for us to invite Him into that area of our lives.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and would never force anything on us that we don't want.  But He will allow us to be tried and tested to bring that desire for change upon our hearts.  It is only then that we truly and honestly will look in the mirror and start to deal with what we see and  spring cleaning for the soul can take place.